Sunday, October 23, 2011

TKT módulo 1 Phonology

Phonology is the study of the sound features used in a language to communicate meaning.

a) Phonemes
The smallest unit of sound that have meaning in a language.
You can practice the sounds here:
Are represented by:
Phonemic symbols that  make a phonemic script 
(a set of phonemic symbols)
are grouped into:
1) consonants
2) vowels
  •    monophthongs
  •    diphthongs

b) Word stress
  •  unstressed
  •  stress
  •  weak syllables

c) Sentence stress
  •  We say different parts of a sentence with more or less stress (slower and louder or quicker and more softly).
  •   One word of the sentence has main stress.
  •   Is a characteristic of connected speech.
  1.    contractions
  2.    rhythm
  3.    intonation

d) Intonation
We use it to express emotions and attitudes to emphasise or make less important particular thing.

Teaching materials sometimes include activities or excersises with focus on hearing or producing different sounds in minimal pairs.
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