Saturday, September 22, 2012

Planning an individual lesson or a sequence of lessons

When we plan an individual lesson, we think about its aims, how to achieve them, the "shape" of the lesson and the kind of techniques that are most appropiate for a pacticular group of students. We also think about the connections between the aims of the lesson and the procedures, the material, the lenght of the lesson and the information we have about our students all help us to identify possible procedures.
A sequence of lessons is a number of related lessons that develop language knowledge and/or language skills over a period of time. Sequence may develop a single topic or language area.

Planning a sequence of lessons
A scheme of work help us plan a sequence of lessons in the best way to cover a syllabus or the units of a coursebook in the time available. It also helps us to think about what we want to achieve and what materialas we might need.

Schemes of work are not as detailed as lessons plans.

Like any individual lesson, a sequence of lessons should have logical and learning-friendly progression and a good balance of approaches and activities.

It's important to avoid always doing the same kinds of things  in the same order.
Here is a list of things we can vary:

Interaction pattern
Level of difficulty
Exciting or calming activities