Friday, October 26, 2012

Giving feedback

Feedback is giving information to someone about their learning  and /or showing them that you have understood (or not) what they have said. In the classroom, teachers can give feedback to learners, and learners can give feedback to teacher.

Wherever possible, feedback should be balanced, focused and helpful. It needs to be balanced so that there is comment on positive aspects of a learner's work as well as areas he/she needs to improve; focused so that the learner knows exactly what the good points are and what the problems are; It is helpful, so the learner knows what the steps to make to improve.

Written or oral feedback can be given to learners after formal assessment in addition to a mark or grade. This feedback should include guidance on how learners can improve their work.

Learners diaries provide teachers with an opportunity for individual, private two-way feedback.