Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Identifying the functions of learners' language

How do we identify the functions of learners' language?

The functions of learners' language are the purposes for which learners use language in the classroom. This purposes include taking part in tasks and activities, interacting with the teacher and with each other. Learners make use of a wide range of language functions as they take part in different aspects of a lesson.

Learners' possible language functions

* Greeting
* Apologising
* Explaining
* Checking answers
* Expressing doubt / surprise
* Asking for clarification
* Suggesting
* Negociating
* Confirming answers
* Disagreeing
* Providing information
* Retelling a story
* Summarising
* Explaning
* Giving a defiition
* Repiting
* Self correcting
* Checking instructions

Learners need a range of exponents so they can interact appropriately with each other and with the teacher. In most classrooms, learners will use exponents wich are natural in style.