Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cognitive skills (CLIL)

We can divide Cognitive Skills between:

LOTS Lower Order Thinking Skills and
HOTS Higher Order Thinking Skils

Remembering: Thinking about things you know

Identifying: Showing a relationship between things.

Ordering: Putting things in particular places.

Rank ordering: Putting in order of size, importance, success. etc.

Defining: Saying what something or someone is.

Comparing and contrasting: Finding similarities and differences.

Dividing: Separating into smaller groups.

Classifying: Putting things into groups according to their features.

Predicting: Saying what you think will happen.

Hypothesising: Suggesting what could happened without knowing if it is true.

Reasoning: Thinking why, what causes and what results in something.

Creative thinking / Synthesis: Producing imaginative ideas or thoughts from previous knowledge.

Evaluating: Saying if something is good, useful, effective or not.

To remember information
To order information
To define objects
To check understanding
To review learning

To develop reasoning skills
To develop enquiry and discussion
To develop creative thinking
To evaluate the work of oneself and others
To hypothesise about what could happen