Thursday, October 13, 2011

Module 1 Language and background to learning and teaching

1. Consiste en 3 partes.
2. Dura 80 minutos.
3. Hay 80 reactivos.
4. Cada reactivo equivale a un acierto.
5. Los aspirantes deben usar lápiz y goma.

Part 1 Describing language and language skills.
* Concepts and terminology for describing language: grammar, lexis, phonology and functions.
* Concepts and terminology for describing language skills and subskills e.g. reading for gist, scanning.

Part 2 Background to language learning.
* Motivation
* Exposure and focus on form
* The rol of error
* Differences between L1 and L2 language learning.
* Learner characteristics, e.g.
  - Learning styles
  - Learning strategies
  - Maturity
  - Past learning experience
* Learner needs

Part 3 Background to language teaching
The range of methods, tasks and activities available to the language teacher, e.g.
* Presentation techniques and introductory activities.
* Practice activities and tasks for language and skills development.
* Assessment types and tasks.

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