Thursday, October 13, 2011

Módulo 1 Grammar

Part 1 Describing Language and language skills

What is grammar?
Grammar describes how we combine, organise and change words and parts of words to make meaning. We use rules for this description.

There are nine parts of speech:
1. Nouns
2. Verbs
3. Adjectives
4. Adverbs
5. Determiners
6. Prepositions
7. Pronouns
8. Conjunctions
9. Exclamations

* Grammar rules also describe grammatical structures, i.e. the arrangement of words into patterns which have meaning.

* Grammar rules describe the way that language works, but changes over time, so grammar rules are not fixed.
* Grammar rules traditionally describe written language rather than spoken language.
* Very often, speakers of a language can speak and write it well without consciously knowing any grammatical rules or terms.
* Learning some grammatical rules and terms makes language learning easier for some learners.
* Just learning grammatical rules and structures doesn't give learners enough help with learning how to communicate, which is the main purpose of language.

(Tomado del libro The TKT Course by Cambridge)

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